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Model: 30-15875-X-TRANSPA
Realizacja zamówienia: 2 dni
EAN: 782421889715
Wysyłka od: 9.90 PLN
Producent: boss of toys
The Titanmen Cock Cage Clear by Doc Johnson is a quality cock cage that will definitely keep him harder, longer. The design measures 2 inches (5 centimeter) long and 1 inch (2,5 centimeter) in diameter, offering a snug and tight arousing fit. The cock cage is made of stretchy, seamless TPR allowing it to adapt to any size penis when in use. It also has sexy ridges on the exterior and comes in a modern, eye-catching packaging. Order this must-have pleasure provider by 'the Doc' at Scala Playhouse today and get seduced by this thrilling design, proudly made in America.